Celebration Cakes

Celebration Cakes

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The cakes we can provide come in a variety of Designs, Shapes, Sizes and can be Traditional, Contemporary or Novelty.  We understand this is the main centre piece and focal point of your occasion and needs the WOW factor. We are happy to come up with a few ideas once we have a few details about your special occasion or we can work to a specific design or idea you have to create the perfect cake for you.



Our traditional (Wedding) cakes are Fruitcakes or you may want Sponge which is very popular for (Christening) cakes, the sponge can be infused with various flavours (Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate). Depending on the amount of guests invited you may prefer various tiers in a fruit and sponge combination.



Celebrate your party with a fun and exciting Birthday cake.  With various flavours and designs, the cake can be as plain or an extravagant as you wish.  The most popular decoration for these cakes is the birthday person’s name, age or even an edible photo.



These cakes can be fun designs and unusual, unlike your traditional round or square cakes.  Designs like a Champagne Bottles, Football, Teddy Bears, Cartoon Characters or any other design you would like that would be special to the person celebrating their party.



Why not try one of our Gravity Defying cakes. The cakes give the illusion of something being poured from above and landing on the cake. They look fantastic; there are so many ideas to choose from. Maltesers falling onto the cake below, beer being poured into a glass these are just a couple of examples that look superb.



How about our Giant Cup Cake as the centre piece and depending on the amount of guests at your party you can have small cupcakes as well to compliment it, so that guests can all have their own individual cake.  There are so many designs, toppings and flavours i.e. butter cream, icing or sprinkles or theme them your party this is a great one for everyone.



No party is complete without a Pinata. This one is one of our favourites with a great surprise hidden inside. Cut into the cake and watch your children’s faces light up with excitement when the sweets fall out.


If there is any specific cake, design, flavour or theme you are looking for please ask we are more than happy to help would love to make your special cake.


Should you have any further enquires please do not hesitate to contact us 01925 573013




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