Corporate Events

Corporate Events

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Award Ceremonies ,Conferences, Exhibitions and Gala Dinner - We will lay out the red carpet for you and pull out all the stops to make it a stress free, enjoyable and successful event.

Whether the event is for a Company, Association, University or a small organization we will work together to make it visually look amazing and sound fantastic.  We can organise and design your event providing Full PA Systems, High Definition Videos, Stage and Room Lighting, Backdrops and Room Dressing (designing it to a specific Theme).




Using Lighting effects with background Music can create a great atmosphere to your event. Moving Lights and up lighters which throw vivid colours to your ceiling and walls, these produce a sensational impact – especially as guests first walk into your main room.

The use of lighting and music can be blended to create a rich ambience at your event.  Lighting can transform a venue and can be used to make guests at the back of the room feel more included in the event by having lights all around.  Our lighting designer will pre-programme all the lighting effects prior to the awards, he can tie movement and colour changes in with any music which is played so it all links together.




For the majority of events branding is key, be it the Company Logo or Event Sponsor.  We will help you plan this and other event elements to include either static or animated images and logos.  Using our expertise we will also take into consideration any venue restrictions there might be such a ceiling heights and columns etc, ensuring all your guests get the maximum audio and visual experience.




As well as the formal side of the proceedings we are more than happy to provide light entertainment.  This can be in the form of stage or mix and mingle which is not only a fabulous enhancement but a great complement to the event.


Should you have any further enquires please do not hesitate to contact us 01925 573013




A1 Partyman is one of the UK's leading Entertainment Companies and have won various awards within this industry for providing top quality entertainment for events such as Corporate & Private.